Новые серьезные отношения

WEBINAR: New relationships with pleasure!

History of the webinar

Dear girls, the idea of this webinar came to me after I was too tired of listening to complaints how difficult it is to start a new relationship.

I declare with absolute confidence that almost all new relationships are doomed even before the first date. But…

Therefore, first you and I need to learn how to become strategists and this is what we are not taught at school.

Thus, we will be able to determine who we need, to create a happy long-term relationships, to calculate and clean out “old cockroaches” that can destroy new relationships and arm themselves with simple rules so as not to ruin everything on first date.

And further.

I have done many projects with successful businessmen, dollar millionaires and just smart men, and all of them confirm this idea that after the first date (and sometimes even before it) the man consciously decides whether he should invest in these relationships his energy, time and other resources.

The right and successful plan:

– What the right way is  that the new relationship does not repeat exactly the previous ones.

Choosing a new partner without self-deception.

  • Why 90% of women before the first date smash new relationships  to “smithereens”
  • How not to let the “old cockroaches” destroy the new field of life.
  • -What men cannot stand on the first date.
  • Hidden signs with which you can determine the prospect of a future relationship.
  • What the wives (women) of status men are silent about.
  • We form an adequate request and prescribe a strategy for the first three dates, because a successful man, as an excellent strategist, already from the first date understands whether it will be development or it is “waste of time”.
  • How to determine what you and your potential partner really want. Three questions and you know almost everything about yourself, ’bout him and the relationship between you at first.
  • How not to fall down into the vile despondency of the fact that it is not “him”.
  • What the task of a woman is, even for short-term relationships, and why it is all not in vain.

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Вебинар "Новые отношения по-взрослому"
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