Free July 22 webinar “A creative adult is a child who has survived”

Free webinar July 22 at 20:00

  • Find out right now what you really want (2-minute test and an answer for each participant).
  • What it means to “become attached” or “psycho-asphyxia”. -How  this “knot” looks like inside of you and what way it leads to all the levels – physical, material, emotional, mental and spiritual.
  • How let “former partner” go freely and why it is necessary. What does it mean to “become absolutely free”, and be sure, this does not mean “to break off the relations”.
  • A woman and her femininity is the key to … . A man and his honor means having a right to do … . Who leads in this “tango of life.”
  • The “entangled roots” of jealousy. Or why I am afraid of losing somebody or something.
  • New happy adult relationships. What it is. Fulfillment of desires in accordance with the laws of Life.

Duration 1 hour + answers to the personal questions

Sign up and be happy 🙂

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