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  • Who is better – the clever one or smart? Useful knowledge “beyond the intelligence”.
  • Good practice familiar from childhood (+ hometask)
  • You will understand how to turn the learning process into a real joy and what the precious benefit it can bring to you, your  kids and to any field of activity.
  • You will know the secret of natural passion and success, acquiring a useful skill at the training.
  • You will learn how to do daily analysis of past events “from scary to funny” and translate errors into the rank of “friends hints”.
  • Test game.
  • You will gain useful knowledge and skills how to create good relations with everyone and make friends even among the negatives
  • You will get acquainted with the ancient law and its miraculous action.
  • You will be given the plan of 12 universal steps and detailed review for getting  balance of life.

A treasure of knowledge especially for you:

  • author’s test,
  • useful knowledge
  • simple tools for growth,
  • real natural emotions of joy are already at the training,
  • Feedback

You will receive:

  • the key to understanding what happiness is for you personally;
  • the ability to reach the state of gratitude and fullness of life to the brim.

Cost of the seminar 15000 ₽

Strictly by appointment

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