Training 1 August «Gorgeous female beauty in her dignity»

1 August

Author’s technique by Irina Mirovaya:

12 steps that teach you to enjoy life! Short training program:

1st step:

  • you will learn to stop and break out of fuss and know the secret of balance where  the right answers are coming. over.

2nd step:

  • how to remove chaos within you and leave hyper control beside.

3rd step:

  • you will receive the right knowledge how to overcome the old habits, move them on to a new step of life and say goodbye to all fears and doubts.

4th step:

  • what the best way is to stop running away and meet with yourself face to face.  Which fears are the beneficial and what ones  are harmful.

5th step:

  • practice -game “viewing life”. Learning to identify the key errors, then, getting rid of the habit of repeating them regularly.

6th step:

  • how to learn to listen to the prompts of life. And why your privacy is really important when you  decide to change your life.

7th step:

  • you will catch the skill how to return the taste to life and see beauty in everything around you. The unique technique that can teach you never to lose your temper.

8th step:

  • the right practice based on the ancient vedic treatises: how to heal the 4 side of your life from the material to the spiritual.

9th step:

  • we will get rid of the imposed «alien feelings», study how to stop punishing yourself and the people around you.

10th step:

  • how to stop constant evaluation and call yourself good and bad. Learn how to improve yourself through introspection.

11th step:

  • how to do your best and bring your idea on, maintaining easy and calm attitude to life.

12th step:

  • a cycle of success in any deal. how to constantly hone your skills and excel yourself.

So, during the process a woman is moving away from the position of the displeased victim to the state of the creator of her own destiny. 

The birth of femininity is taking place. 


As a result, you get:

  • getting rid of the viral habit of “complain” and “regret”,
  • the birth and awareness of a natural sense of complicity and mutual assistance,
  • knowledge of how to overcome barriers in relationships efficiently but not in struggle;
  • understanding what keeps the relationship together and what destroys them;
  • the skill of how to become smarter and “hold your mouth closed”,
  • the ability of getting rid of imposed pride and gaining self-esteem.

It’s worth it!


Moscow, Derbenevskaya st. 20 build 30
metro Proletarskaya

Cost of the seminar 2500 ₽

Strictly by appointment

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