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«Let yourself real life means not to stand in a queue, but to take a step beyond the usual habits»

 Irina Mirovaya
Professional. Master with 15 years of experience. Expert. The author of a unique and effective technique (state patent)

Directions of activity​

Motivational trainings

And only those ones who are able to learn to get rid once and forever of old obsolete habits, unbearable character, and therefore - to balance the world inside and around. Fortunately, this is possible. Nothing is impossible! Charge up and act!

Personal coaching and mentoring

Many people, faced with unsolvable puzzles, begin to realize that the reason is really "thought-viruse" in our own heads. But all you need is to find someone who it will be easier to restore order with and then, see the Light.

Author of books and articles

Since ancient times, the printed word is recognized as the best way to convey thoughts to the audience. The reader has the opportunity to stop for a while and think about without haste.the printed word has been recognized


Being a coach means having a noble profession, because it’s been designed to promote inner growth and the flourishing of personality. The expert delicately and carefully helps a person (team), literally invisibly assists, but in no way controls or dominates. So, he responds to a request for help in time.
And any failure, error or other problem for a professional trainer is a sign-tip, a kind of forerunner of the participant’s readiness.
It sounds like a horn: I’m ready. Ready? – Always ready.

Well, the mission is actually life, with its quickening power for the realization of our good thoughts, ideas, intentions that become worthy of contributions to us, our family tree and humanity.

It’s simple – Live. Love. Create. Thank.


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Happiness cannot be counted!
Joy and relief can not be overestimated especially after dropping the load from the shoulders.

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included live information, simply exciting content, delicate and Individual approach to each listener.

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The upcoming trainings and seminars

Express English learning

Highly effective method of learning English based on the experience of a practicing psychologist. Instant memorization and application of the material.

Individual training anywhere in the world

Take a training course with the author of the latest technique "Learn with pleasure where you are"! From $499

Learning English in a group

Super-fast learning English and its grammatical structures based on super-techniques. Immersion in the language environment. From $99 per person.

Business English

A course of highly effective training material for instant use in business practice in the professional field From $999

My book​


Well, let’s imagine that you have a ripe apple and I also have a filling apple in my hands. If we exchange them, then you and I will still have one apple each.

And now, I have an IDEA and you have the idea too. We, having exchanged them, gain 2 ideas and become able to share, multiplying them. It is a kind of fun, isn’t it?

However, if we look at some of the tools used in the Universe, we are able to see really creative approach, just like a kind of game. So, if the Creator worked with a sense of enthusiasm, we, people, should enjoy to study these tools, creating the new ones, shouldn’t we?

Well, my universal method is the right tool, useful for the development of creative potential and internal growth, and therefore for increasing the joy inside and knowing your own unique nature.

Feedback from customers and listeners​

Well, I came to Irina as an intimidated child, with a full carriage of complexes, problems and not so good people around. Then, we started the practicing what I've never done before with lots of curious tasks. There were of course good luck and bad luck, but the result showed itself when we stopped first level. After a while, my feeling of confidence began to appear, thanks to the recommendations and interesting tasks, It's about time I started to do what I was afraid to dream of, and as a result, my social circle has changed. I finally gave up bad habits. Now, after our last meeting, again, a lot of things have changed for the better - with family, people, group of friends and little by little with my inner life. Thank you very much for this to Irina)
(student it-technology)
Hello, my name is Alena, nice to meet you! Well, do you know what a rainbow means? Oh yes, that is a strange combination for all of us, right? And for me, rainbow, is Irina Mirovaya! - Now you will read a lot of incongruous. but this is really miracle, the miracle of the phenomenon of Irina and the miracle of the guarantee that you can be a Ray too, You can become holistic and effective, you can shine and create. Ok, Irina is gently-persistent, deeply sensitive and understanding person. And what is the most important, that she knows exactly what to do with your darkness and your inner clouds! Thank you, Rainbow! 🌈
Alena Panchenko
director of the centre "The beauty of life"
Hi, I'm here, and so. It was hard for me to imagine at that time, Frankly, I never had time for "imagine" something. And so, I had a recommendation and soon I made a decision to meet a coach, the author of the universal method of learning foreign languages. Then, I agreed to start a program. Why? I was just so tired and there was no sense to go to fitness in order to wake up to life. At that time I could hardly get out of my chair. And now some words that I felt: her eyes, a coach who is in love with her business, the eyes with childish enthusiasm and something more - here was indescribable excitement in her speech. We all woke up at her lectures with my colleagues, and what is important to remember is our “awakening”, which lasted long enough, but differently for everyone. I had this feeling a few days for sure, i.e. I seemed to live from lecture to lecture. What I can add about the methodology and high professionalism of teaching and transmitting information is you finally understand: learning is a thrill, great pleasure! The best recommendation to anyone who wants to learn to speak a foreign language competently and quickly and learn from Irina to breathe, enjoy and share with others expecting anything in return. Thank you!
Sofia Anisimova
financial director, Moscow

    Let pure breath in all things make you and your family a little bit happier

    Remember that love and gratitude to each particle of existence creates miracles of transformation, changes fate and illuminates the soul with Light!

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