Free July 8th Webinar “Feminine and Men’s HAPPINESS”

Free webinar on July 8 at 20:00

To the Day of Family and Love under the auspices of Saints Peter and Fevronia.
Webinar for men and women.

  • Find out right now what you really want (2-minute test and answer for each participant).
  • LONELINESS together or I am “loneliness”. What it is and is there any benefit?…
  • What the binding means and the lack of skills and abilities to “cut off Gordian knots”. How this “knot” looks like from inside and what it leads to at all levels – physical, material, emotional and spiritual.
  • How let “everyone and everything” go smoothy and why it is necessary. What does it mean to “become free”, and this does not mean to “break off relations”.
  • A woman and her femininity are the key to …. A man and his honor – the right to …. Who leads in this “tango of life.”
  • New happy adult relationships. What it is. Fulfillment of all desires in accordance with the laws of Love.

Duration 1 hour + answers to personal questions

Connect to a conference Zoom


Conference ID: 989 7833 9770
Password: 5x0gHY

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