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Business English as the universal tool for raising creativity and growth

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I Am Irina Mirovaya

I have really “speaking surname” – Mirovaya, it means Peace! It means Filled with Peace! It means Belonging to the World!

Oh yes, I am a human of the World! And I live in harmony with the World!
I live in Moscow, Kiev, New York…
I practice all over the world.
– What am I practicing?
– Life and its taste.

The author of the book and the author’s effective method of learning English. “Live tasty or English – a piece of cake” – “the bestseller of humor and useful knowledge.”

It is truly a miracle – I’ve managed to create this book, full of grammatical structures in a simple form of explanation, just for you. And, regardless of your age, status, mood, character, perseverance or hopeless laziness, you can take for yourself exactly as much as you want. Well, you are a student, and you have difficulties with a foreign language and job search, or you are a happy housewife, but so tired of everyday life, maybe you are “always busy” businessman or just a schoolboy who is exhausted of super complicated and stupid rules.

So, for all of you, my universal technique and fascinating author’s tricks, which include a video resource, useful exercises, creative assignments, and risky dialogues, discussions, conferences. It’s worth it! Dare take the risk, thousands of people have already made sure that everyone has talent and everything is possible!

You will gain:

“Mastery is when the conceps of “what” and “how” come at the same time”.

Business-English for :
Team-leaders, Developers, HR and Head-managers, Sales –managers etc.

The sorts of course options:

  • intensive course (grammar/audio);
  • cultivating ability “thinking, speaking, writing + negotiating”;
  • wise conflict management resolution;
  • intercultural communication etc.

You will receive:

  • smart vocabulary set for fluent conversation;
  • strengthening business communication skills;
  • identifying and reflecting awkward moments and manipulations;
  • the ability to feel the language and get pleasure from it!

Cost of the seminar: 399$

Strictly by appointment

*For a course in a GROUP of 5 people, 2 times a week
(duration 2, 5 months, 30 academic hours) 399 $ from each participant.
INDIVIDUALLY from 100 ye per lesson.

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