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I have really “speaking  surname” – Mirovaya, it means Peace! It means Filled with Peace! It means Belonging to the World!

Oh yes, I am a human of the World! And I live in harmony with the World!

I live in Moscow, Kiev, New York…

I practice all over the world.

– What am I practicing?

– Life and its taste.

Well, I help people  with all my heart to return the TASTE of Life, but initially, for more than 10 years, I have searched for this “taste” among thousands of books and hundreds of thousands of webinars, through the wind and the sounds of nature that have been intimate and truly, but not artificially invented.

And I’ve managed to find THIS out, something that  thousands of other people have already felt and, fortunately, me too. We’ve done it 🙂

You know, together we are really able to return a TASTE to Life inside and outside and  enjoy feeling this aroma. 

And you, my dear reader,you  will soon begin to feel it in your life. 

It is possible. And useful. It’s so tasty and worth it.

Well, Irina, and what kind of “taste” is this? – you can ask me.

And I reply to you: This is what is called:

  • Stop being too strong and totally give up the vile rule “never cry= never be real.” 

Do it right now, do and act what you want and how you desire – become yourself, as you are. 

How to do that?

Well,  if you want to cry or break out with a loud laugh – do that here, and if suddenly you desire to do something  that you have never experienced for pleasure or afraid to feel it – dare do that immediately! Show up! 

– Yes, just dare! Cry and laugh – be yourself. This moment is especially for you. Feel and aware your inner emotions. Mix these ingredients and find out what flavor you can infect with. It is truly delicious and spicy. This is your own Life. Make your own choice!

– Say YES and even put signs (reminders) around the house, the place where you are living in, and take a risk to paint your hands with the signs saying YES. But only when YOU wish it

  • And ALWAYS say NO when your heart rejects something.  And do not try to evade your index of Life. Only YES and NO, there is no third. Fix it!

– Make friends with freedom and complete unknowns, bite their tase from inside, do not be afraid, go through the “misunderstandings and fears”. Then, you are able to  recognize yourself better. Just do it!

– So,  now give presents for granted, any ones – small or big, doesn’t matter. Do that, and for sure money will love you. No doubts, you also dream of them. And so, become a good friend with them, agree with them, give them easily. So that they will want to return to you.  Wooo!

Dare, it works with a bang!

– Ooops, jump the hopscotch created on the sidewalks. You are, a boy, wearing varnished boots and you are, a girl, in high heels.  Throw these shackles off, look around at the patterns created by the children in the colored crayons. See how the sky reflects in them. You  might think this is “a kind of stupidity” or “fairy tale”, but this is the childish truth of Life. Remember yourself being crazy and unbalanced. It was you, boy, and you are still there. It was you, girl, and you are here again. You were. You are. And you will be. Wow! That’s real life.Just become yourself! Faster! Time has come.

  • But first, you’d better open yourself from inside. I see, you are still afraid to open your heart to another. Good. So “sim-sim,” open yourself. The time has come especially to you!

– Laugh very loudly and remember now how a horse does it, jumping in the pouring summer rain. Does he “giggle in the mane”? No, he “laughs at his yoke of pleasure,” playfully and enjoying the process. Please, do not be «hourrsy» pony . Become real 🙂

 – Take sunbaths and forget ’bout your freckles, because these are the patterns of the Great Sun, and for what reason you are running to remove these laces from your radiant face?.. Why, in order to become like someone, but not to be yourself? Where are YOU real? Find yourself. Become yourself. Open up! Show up! And »sim-sim.”  So, this is not a fairy tale. This is your BEING.

 – Make a great fun! Indulge with children and listen carefully to mature people. Through them Life speaks to everyone. Try to hear yours.

– Break all the sand fortresses into the pieces on the seashore and ruthlessly crush all your fears “to smithereens”. But initially – dive into them deeply, swim there, and then come up and live again. 

Yes, for sure, only with feelings of »goosebumps” and with great pleasure. 

Taste it in order to taste the new Life. 

It’s worth it. Just do it. You need  learn to trust yourself. Soon you will know what for.

  • Ok, if you adore to  create the fortresses, then please build them up from white sparkling snow in the winter or from the sweet strawberries in the summer, collected in the garden of your granny. But build only sweet ones, live deliciously. Learn with pleasure. You can do it. Taste each tiny moment. It is yummy. You are deserved to know that. To feel that. It is worth!
  • Drown into the tears of joy or sadness until your last gyrus. And if you are too «bitter” inside, but that is not your wedding, then, just smile widely. Everything is just beginning. Then, shout to yourself – “Bitter” and snack, girl, with a kind of sweet chocolate, and you, boy, drink some  liquor, find out what girls take when they are  little bit “bitter” than they are.

– Oh, get wet in the rain so that the salt of your tears  could be washed by that pure rainwater. And then you do realize that this is  “soul of Life” and only through it you are able to  get into the Light. Live it.  Wake up, You are a ray of Light. Just be.

  • Give hugs, plenty of them. You think there are nobody to give it to?..  Look around. There are a great number of trees, shrubs and wonderful flowers, hundreds of homeless people and animals stretching their invisible hands-branches-paws-threads to us to touch us and revive us from inside. And we, often, look petrified at someone who is not “ours” and expect from “those ones» who are not «for us.» So, first hug yourself  to begin with love, try to warm yourself from inner, unfreeze, quicken yourself right now!  And only then you will be able to embrace the whole World. And you will see that you are the World too and everyone who is near by. Just look and feel it! We are all particles of a beautiful World. So recognize yourself, please. The time has come. Become real. Become yourself. Just be as you are!

– Confess love to yourself. Learn how to create it. Yes, I know, you have been waiting for this confess all your life or expecting from another. But at this charming moment  scrabble a  letter of love to yourself. Write it deliciously  with sweaty palms and warm armpits.  All starts with itself. Do not wait. Just dare fall in love with yourself and the world around you.

  • I guess, you might be seeking happiness as everyone does it.  But why you have forgotten that you are a gift of happiness. So again and again – try to fall in love with yourself, become that ray of  happiness that you really are and find out what the World is capable to give to you and what YOU are able to give it back. 

Ah, how delicious and balanced it will be very soon for you, perfect human, my dear reader, to find out what you are real and how abundant the world is in you, for you and for everyone around you!

Live tasty life. 

Just learn.  Let’s study together. It is worthy of it!

There are billions of us. We are the whole World of tasty Life at this beautiful planet called the Earth.

I wish everyone Peace, Happiness and Love with a great and unique taste.

Irina Mirovaya – Peace 🙂


Sincerely yours,

Irina Mirovaya, 

Training Centre by Irina Mirovaya

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